Long Island Photo Gallery - Photos of Long Island


I started photography with a kodak instamatic camera. My first DSLR was a cannon Rebel G. I was obsessed with taking pictures of my kids from the day they were born. Vacations I always had a camera on on shoulder and a video camera on the other When digital cameras came out my first one was a small cannon. Of course I was resistant to the idea of no more film but eventually I got used to it. I always had a love for sunsets and flowers and those are the first two subjects besides my children I photographed the most til we got Nemo

My kids grew up, went off to college and he was my next obsessive subject until I learned the love of wildlife. When Nemo was put down the day before my birthday on June 6th in 2013 it was photography that helped me get through the heartache of losing him

I enjoy all kinds of photography now. My favorite will always be a neverending sunrise or sunset. When I have a camera in my hands all stress disappears...I am grateful for this passion that can make people feel good.



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